• Meet the Professors

  • Lunch meeting "Meet the Professors"
    (September 5th, 6th, 7th)

    TThe objectives of these lunch meetings are to share science experiences and research expertise of Professors and Mentors with youngest researchers, as well as inspiring and mentoring them through open discussions during a lunch and then contribute strongly to the development of the next generation of innovative and disruptive talents in the field of biomaterials science. 
    9 Professors have kindly accepted our invitation to organize lunch meetings. 
    • Pr Maria Asplund, Germany
    • Pr Magali Cucchiarini, Germany
    • Pr Abhay Pandit, Ireland
    • Pr Joachim Kohn, US
    • Pr John Rogers, US
    • Pr Rui L. Reis, Portugal
    • Pr Elizabeth Tanner, UK
    • Pr Mark Tibbitt, Switzerland
    • Pr Alberto Saiani, UK

    Motivated and open-minded juniors’ researchers - from graduate students to Ph.D. and postdocs- (limited to 9 per table) are invited to register using the Registration Form “Meet the Professors” to one lunch meeting with one of the identified Professors.
    They will benefit to exchange with them, learn, and ask pertinent and constructive questions. 
    Do not hesitate to register now! 
    The first registrations will get their place of their choice to these lunch meetings!