• Meet the Industrials

  • Lunch meeting "Meet the Industrials"
    (September 5th, 6th, 7th)

    The objectives of these lunch meetings are to:
    1. Share with companies and industrials their experience of commercial development of new biomaterials and needs for ongoing and foreseen innovation projects
    2. Establish first contacts with them as academic or clinical partners 
    Companies who have already kindly accepted our invitation to organize these lunch meetings.
    • Maria Pereira, Tissium
    • Cyril D’Arros, Biomatlante
    • Julien Payen, Lattice Medical
    • Jasper Van Hoorick, BIO INX
    • Jos Olijve, Rousselot 
    • Alexandre Geissler, ADOCIA
    We are waiting for answers from other companies. 
    Numerous motivated, curious and open-minded participants (limited to 9 per table) are invited to register using the Registration Form “Meet the Industrials” to one lunch meeting with one of the identified companies.
    They will benefit to exchange, learn and nurture pertinent and constructive discussions at their table.
    Do not hesitate to register now! 
    The first registrations will get their place of their choice to these lunch meetings!